Oranssi Pazuzu“Uusi teknokratia”
None Band “The Damp Chill of Life”
In the Company of Serpents “The Fool’s Journey”
The Ruins Of Beverast“The Grand Nebula Pulse”
Almyrkvi“Asomatous Grove”
INTER ARMA“The Long Road Home”
FÓRN“Scrying Below the Wolf Moon”
SubRosa“No Safe Harbor”


HWS 6-9-20

Tonights Heavy Weight Show on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM and streaming at http://kqny919.org tonight 8:30pm pacific and Saturday 11.30pm pacific.

Neurosis“Given to the Rising”
Neurosis“Bending Light”
GraveCoven “furious fires”
Chrome Ghost “Halo”
ÆQUOREA“Burial at Sea”
Torche “Loose Men”
MORNE “Nothing to Remain”
Elder “Staving off Truth”
Elder “Thousand Hands”
Fister “Mazda of Puppets”



Un “Pools of Reflection”
Thou “The Changeling Prince”
Cavernlight “A Shell of One’s Former Self”
Old Man Gloom “Calling You Home”
ULTHA “You Will Learn About Loss”
Yob “Catharsis”


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