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KISS frontman Paul Stanley, who frequently uses social media to share photos of his culinary creations, was asked in a new interview with Germany's Radio Bob! if he has any plans to eventually release a cookbook. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Maybe at some point, but right now that cookbook would be very thin. If I were to collaborate with some of my friends who are chefs and whatever, I'd love to do a cookbook at some point." He continued: "It's a lot of fun and very gratifying to sit and eat something that you made that's actually good. I think at some point most of us have cooked something and gone, 'Woah. That's awful.' But when you cook something and you go, 'Wow. If I got this in a restaurant, I'd go back to that restaurant,' that's good. "So, would I love to do a cookbook? Yeah," Paul added. "Right now it wouldn't have many pages. So I'm gonna wait a little while." Back in 2014, Stanley demonstrated his home-cooking skills during an appearance on an episode of "Home & Family" on the Hallmark channel. Stanley showed off his culinary expertise in the kitchen with co-host Cristina Ferrare when they made his recipe for chicken marinade and Brussels sprouts. KISS launched its farewell trek in January 2019 but was forced to put it on hold last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "End Of The Road" was originally scheduled to conclude on July 17, 2021 in New York City but is now expected to last well into 2022. KISS last performed this past New Year's Eve in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The concert broke Guinness world records for highest flame projection in a music concert and for most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert. KISS's current lineup consists of original members Stanley and bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, alongside later band additions, guitarist Tommy Thayer (since 2002) and drummer Eric Singer (on and off since 1991). Photo courtesy of AXS TV

Pizza time!!! Full Disclosure....I did NOT make this dough. I promised Vinny at @Fabrocinis that I would give him his props. Now PIZZA!!!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) March 7, 2021

OKAY!!! Here's how I made the soup. FIRST, Let me say I am a COOK not a CHEF. Chefs have experience, training and mad skills but I play guitar better than any that I know!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 14, 2021

Back To The Lasagna Soup!... I’m vegetarian. For those of you who aren’t, use less olive oil if using meat sausage since it has fat and you can use a unsalted or low sodium chicken or beef stock. That’s all!!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 14, 2021

Dinner Last Night... Bucatini with pan fried paper thin sliced zucchini, crushed red pepper, salt and Parmesan Reggiano. That's all!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 17, 2021

Made Lasagna Soup for dinner. Great on a cold night!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 13, 2021

Frittata? Omelet? LEFTOVERS!! Hot Italian sausage, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes & onion, fresh basil, crushed red pepper, mozzarella and Parmesan Reggiano. AWESOME!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 12, 2021

Just Made This!! Anyone for a slice??

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) February 7, 2021

AWESOME Dinner!! Rigatoni w/ mushrooms, onion, tomato, garlic, fresh basil, oregano & rosemary, salt, olive oil, veg. stock, Calabrian chili, Marsala wine, butter & a touch of cream & Parmigiano Reggiano! CRAZY good.Shout out @conantnyc @roccodispirito @SantosCooks @guarnaschelli

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) January 5, 2021

Made pizza tonight. TASTY!!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) September 5, 2020

YES! Cooked up some pasta and it tasted as good as it looks.

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) August 19, 2020

All GONE!!!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) July 17, 2020

Made Dinner! Rigatoni with hot Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, peas, purple onions, garlic, basil, white wine, chicken stock, butter, Parmigiano Reggiano and topped with browned panko bread crumbs. AWESOME!

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) April 21, 2020
Posted: June 23, 2021, 4:23 pm
The O'Keefe Music Foundation has uploaded a new video of around half a dozen kids performing a cover version of SEPULTURA's classic song "Roots Bloody Roots". Recorded entirely in a garage, the kids' rendition of the track proves that you don't need a fancy studio when the band is composed of seven insanely talented kids from around the country. Hailing from Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Ohio, this "supergroup" put its own spin on the song. Check out the guitar solo that Seb Braganza improvised on the spot. Or Sebastian James's 55-gallon metal drum solo, also improvised. Musicians: * Vocals: K8 (age 8; from Texas) * 55 Gallon Drum: Sebastian Stephens (age 9; from Tennessee) * Claves: Willa Hillard (age 10; from Ohio) * Rhythm Guitar: Ashton Hall (age 12; from Tennessee) * Shaker: Natalie Vinnage (age 12; from Ohio) * Lead Guitar: Seb Braganza (age 13; from Pennsylvania) * Lead Guitar 2: Connor Meintel (age 15) * Drums: Jason Wehn (age 16; from Pennsylvania) * Bass: Jonas Miller (age 17; from Ohio) O'Keefe Music Foundation is a non-profit music organization based in Ohio, with a mission to provide high-quality music education to any child in the world for free. Why? Because art gives voice to our dreams and live music performance is becoming a dying art. Since 2006, OMF has helped over 1000 students make countless music videos, with over 80 million combined YouTube views. For more information, go to this location. "Roots Bloody Roots" originally appeared on SEPULTURA's 1996 album "Roots", which, along with 1993's "Chaos A.D.", is considered the band's most commercially successful release, having been certified gold in 2005 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for U.S. shipments in excess of 500,000 copies.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 3:51 pm
K.K. Downing has reflected on the albums JUDAS PRIEST made with singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, saying that fans have grown to appreciate them more in the two decades since they were released. Owens joined PRIEST in 1996 and recorded two studio albums with the band — 1997's "Jugulator" and 2001's "Demolition" — before PRIEST reunited with Rob Halford in 2003. Downing discussed Owens's time with PRIEST during a new interview with Rodrigo Altaf of Sonic Perspectives. After Rodrigo noted that "Jugulator" and "Demolition" were "unfairly" criticized upon their original release, K.K. said: "I think lots of bands release things either too late or too early. Timing is very, very important, and maybe the timing wasn't quite right. But it was a big thing, obviously, for Ripper to step into. It wasn't so much that Ripper was there; it was the fact that Halford wasn't there, I think. It was the familiarity of the voice, which I know and I understand. But Rob left and formed three bands — not one, not two but three. And playing PRIEST songs as well. But, yeah, I think things have turned around now and fans revisit [those albums]. Yeah, there's a lot of guitar parts on those [records] — apart from the vocals — a lot of guitar riffs and a lot of guitar work, which, obviously, we're immensely proud of." A couple of years ago, Tim said that he was a little miffed by the fact that fans cannot find the music that he made with PRIEST on any of the music-streaming services or other online retailers. "My issue is I would like to buy the records," he said. "I'd like to buy some to even sell when I'm touring solo, but you can't when they're kind of gone. And that's only the thing I talk about… If they were out there, I could maybe buy 'em at cost and sell 'em at my concerts. That would be kind of cool. Then I'd have my whole catalog." PRIEST bassist Ian Hill concurred, saying in a separate interview: "There's some good material on both of those albums. And Ripper is a terrific vocalist, and he did a tremendous job on 'Jugulator' and 'Demolition' .And why they're not for sale has got nothing to do with us — put it like that. Whether it's a contractual thing between Sony and whoever owns the copyrights to those albums, I don't know. But it is a shame, because there's some good material there. And as a band, it's still JUDAS PRIEST. I know it wasn't the trademark lineup, but it was still JUDAS PRIEST nonetheless. So, it's disappointing — if that's true that the material is not available. It really is." Downing and Owens are reunited in a new band called KK'S PRIEST in which they are joined by guitarist A.J. Mills (HOSTILE), bassist Tony Newton (VOODOO SIX) and drummer Sean Elg (DEATHRIDERS, CAGE). KK'S PRIEST will release its debut album, "Sermons Of The Sinner", on August 20 via Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 3:26 pm
A stage-used Charvel EVH Art Series electric guitar played by Eddie Van Halen during a VAN HALEN concert in 2012 is one of over 400 items spanning the history of popular music that are being auctioned as part of RR Auction's summer installment of the "Marvels Of Modern Music" series. The Charvel EVH Art Series electric guitar with yellow-and-black stripe pattern was played during a VAN HALEN concert at the Scottrade Center by Eddie Van Halen, who has personally hand-striped the body and signed in silver ink, "St. Louis, Mo., 4-29-12, Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen, 2012." EVH Art Series back plate features an edition number of "095," and the upper bout bears four affixed gray "Van Halen, 2012" guitar picks. Includes a handsome custom hardshell carrying case with large "EVH" logo to inner lining. In fine condition. Designed by the master himself, the Charvel EVH Art Series guitar is based on Eddie Van Halen's original Frankenstein guitar, which was the musician's attempt to merge the sound of a classic Gibson guitar with the physical attributes and tremolo bar functionality of a Fender Stratocaster. The hand-striped finish was the result of Van Halen painting the guitar differing colors, applying strips of masking tape after each coat, and then peeling to reveal his Shelleyan monstrosity. Accompanied by four photos of EVH playing the guitar on stage, two unused tickets for the referenced Scottrade Center show, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Van Halen, who affirms that he played guitar "095" on "April 29, 2012—St. Louis, MO." Bidding for the "Marvels Of Modern Music" auction from RR Auction began on June 17 and will conclude on June 24. For more information, go to
Posted: June 23, 2021, 2:08 pm
Multi-platinum alternative rock icons FUEL have announce the upcoming release of their first album in 18 years, "Ånomåly", due out in October. The 11 original tracks were written by songwriter/guitarist Carl Bell reunited with original FUEL drummer Kevin Miller, accompanied by new singer John Corsale (lead vocals, guitar), Mark Klotz (guitar, vocals) and Tommy Nat (bass, vocals). Founding member Bell, sole songwriter of all lyrics and music to all previous FUEL hits, returns to the helm as primary songwriter, and also as the producer. He even mixed the album. Carl wrote and recorded the songs in his Las Vegas studio with vocals recorded at Soundmine Recording Studio and King Studios in Pennsylvania. Carl and Kevin recently shared a video of their emotional in-person reunion after a decade. In a video posted on Facebook, fans reacted with the expected reverie as FUEL reignited their relationship with each other and with their fans. "We were just patient with each other," Carl says. "From the first conversation, I recognized the same feeling in Kevin's voice. FUEL was huge for us. It was a great moment in our lives, and Kevin was as grateful for the opportunities that FUEL gave us as I was. We bonded on that fact. I would've taken a bullet for him — I still would." Kevin says: "For me, new beginnings are exciting, but more often than not, they scare the shit out of me. As much as I love touching my toe to new water, I'm always afraid of the creatures lingering in the depths. "I am incredibly excited about this new venture and new lineup of FUEL. Making this record shed a lot of light on what will be, such an amazing amount of talent in this band." Corsale hails from Pennsylvania and joins FUEL as Kevin and Carl reunite after a decades-long separation. Carl adds: "A few months ago, I had no idea I would be returning to FUEL full time, so when it happened, my first call was to Kevin. He simply said, 'I have the band. I promise you, these are the guys.' He was right. All are great musicians, and John is this 26-year-old great guitarist as well as a great vocalist and frontman. He sounds fantastic on the album and amazing on our previous hits as well. From the moment I first heard him play and sing, I thought, 'Wow… This just got real interesting.'" The first single from "Ånomåly", "Hård" (the first song in the teaser), will be released on July 9, 2021 via Moon Chair Media/ONErpm and will introduce Corsale to fans eagerly awaiting this new music, also marking a new era for the iconic band. Just before the turn-of-the-century, FUEL quietly emerged with a melodic brand of hard rock rooted in eloquent songwriting and heavy guitars. 1998's "Sunburn" not only went platinum, but it also yielded enduring anthems such as "Shimmer" and "Bittersweet". Its 2001 follow-up, "Something Like Human", earned a double-platinum certification and elevated them to arenas. The lead single "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" would reach No. 1 for 13 weeks and would even become the No. 6 Alternative Rock song of the past 25 years, according to Billboard's Alternative chart 25th anniversary: Top 100 Songs, making it "one of the Top Ten most-listened to alternative rock songs for the past 30 years." Their music appeared everywhere from "Prison Break", "Daredevil" and "Scream 3" to WWE pay-per-view events. 2003's "Natural Selection" bowed in the Top 15 of the Billboard 200 and garnered a Grammy Award nomination in the category of "Best Engineered Album. Non-Classical." Their catalog continued to resound throughout popular culture as well. DAUGHTRY famously covered "Hemorrhage" on "American Idol", while modern platinum rock juggernaut RED also released their own rendition, and HANDS LIKE HOUSES notably performed "Shimmer" on Triple J in Australia.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 1:31 pm
During an appearance on the June 21 edition of SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk", Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond offered an update on upcoming albums from both his namesake band and the legendary act MERCYFUL FATE. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Writing-wise, we are far with both [KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE] albums. Andy [La Rocque, KING DIAMOND guitarist] is doing a second run-through with his songs, the way he has been correcting a lot of things. Hank [Shermann, MERCYFUL FATE guitarist] has done the same thing, and I'm waiting for those songs to come back. The story is written, even for both KING DIAMOND albums, 'cause [the new KING DIAMOND album] 'The Institute' will be a two-album story. And that story is finished completely. I have a lot of vocal ideas for what they have sent me. I am writing my own [songs musically] too." He continued: "60 percent of the KING DIAMOND [material], at least, will be mine — my songs — and all lyrics, naturally. MERCYFUL FATE also, I will be writing more in the direction of 'Don't Break The Oath'. Hank will be writing more music than me, but I will certainly write my share too. Back then, on 'Don't Break The Oath', I wrote 'Gypsy' and 'The Oath' and 'Come To The Sabbath' and then this little piece together with Michael Denner, 'To One Far Away'. So, it'll be more like that — maybe Hank will have six songs and me four — but we'll see how it turns out in the end. We'll probably have too many songs." As for when fans can expect to see the new KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE albums released, King said: "The KING DIAMOND is next year for sure. MERCYFUL FATE will be ready to be released next year — a hundred percent sure too — but it will have to wait until KING DIAMOND is done, if you know what I mean. In the meantime, we'll be getting the writing done." In November 2019, KING DIAMOND released a brand new song called "Masquerade Of Madness". The track was mixed by guitarist Andy La Rocque and King Diamond at Sonic Train Studios. KING DIAMOND received a Grammy nomination in the "Best Metal Performance" category for the track "Never Ending Hill" off the band's last album, 2007's "Give Me Your Soul … Please". KING DIAMOND's latest release was a DVD/Blu-ray, "Songs For The Dead Live", which came out in January 2019 via Metal Blade Records. The set captures 1987's seminal "Abigail" album in its entirety, twice, and in very different locales: Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting in June 2016 and Philadelphia's Fillmore in November 2015. The performances feature KING DIAMOND's current band, comprising of guitarists La Rocque and Mike Wead, bassist Pontus Egberg and drummer Matt Thompson. MERCYFUL FATE's most recent studio album, "9", arrived in 1999. The band's current lineup includes King Diamond, Hank Shermann, Bjarne T. Holm on drums, Mike Wead on guitar, and Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING) on bass.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 12:54 pm
New York City post-hardcore band QUICKSAND will release its fourth studio album, "Distant Populations", digitally on August 13 and on vinyl September 24 via Epitaph Records. Recorded at Studio 4 Recording in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, "Distant Populations" was produced and engineered by Will Yip (THE MENZINGERS, CODE ORANGE, DEFEATER), and mixed by Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH, AVENGED SEVENFOLD). The album is the follow-up to the critically lauded 2017 release "Interiors". Sonically it has a punchier, more up-tempo sound than its predecessor, with its 11 songs being concise, carved sonic jewels boasting not a single wasted note. Its gripping lyricism and raw power leap out from the very first listening. Throughout the album's 11 tracks, QUICKSAND explores the duality of our simultaneous existence in individual relationships and as part of a mass society, while also examining the alienation and loneliness of it all. "Everyone is on the one hand so connected with each other, and on the other hand, is so far apart," says frontman Walter Schreifels. "We're checking out each other's social media and we know what everybody's doing. But when we're sitting in the same room together, we're looking at our phones," he adds point out the sad irony of it all. Today, the band shares "Missile Command", a song that emerged from a QUICKSAND rehearsal jam, recalls Schreifels. "It really kind of focuses on Sergio's [Vega] whole motif in a very simple way. He and Alan [Cage] just have this really kind of trademark groove, and I think that really sings on this one to me. I just felt like it's a kind of song that is very us, but we hadn't written it yet." "Distant Populations" track listing: 01. Inversion 02. Lightning Field 03. Colossus 04. Brushed 05. Katakana 06. Missile Command 07. Phase 90 08. The Philosopher 09. Compacted Reality 10. EMDR 11. Rodan In support of "Distant Populations", QUICKSAND will be hitting the road this fall. The headlining run will begin September 28 in Boston and wrap on October 31 in Philadelphia. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 25. QUICKSAND tour dates: Sep. 28 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club Sep. 29 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony Oct. 01 - Lancaster, PA - Tellus 360 Oct. 02 - Albany, NY - Empire Live Oct. 04 - Detroit, MI - El Club Oct. 05 - Chicago, IL - Metro Oct. 06 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe Oct. 08 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater Oct. 09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge Oct. 11 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom Oct. 12 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre Oct. 13 - Seattle, WA - Neumos Oct. 15 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall Oct. 16 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour Oct. 18 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar Oct. 19 - Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf Oct. 21 - Austin, TX - Mohawk Oct. 23 - Houston, TX - Studio @ Warehouse Live Oct. 25 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Hell) Oct. 26 - Charlotte, NC - The Underground Oct. 27 - Washington, DC - Black Cat Oct. 29 - New York, NY - The Bowery Ballroom Oct. 31 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of The Living Arts Formed in 1990, QUICKSAND made its full-length debut with "Slip" — a 1993 release praised by The A.V. Club as "a nearly flawless record that combines the irony and heaviness of HELMET with FUGAZI's penchant to dismantle sound in the most energetic ways." Arriving in 1995, their sophomore album, "Manic Compression", appeared at No. 1 on the Top Five Best Post-Hardcore Records list from LA Weekly (which noted that "if there were any justice in the world, QUICKSAND would have been the biggest underground band of the '90s"). Throughout the early '90s, QUICKSAND toured with bands like HELMET, FUGAZI, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and ANTHRAX. After disbanding in late 1995, they reunited for a one-night performance in June 2012. They've since appeared at festivals like FYF Fest and Pukkelpop, and in 2013 embarked on their first North American tour in 15 years. In 2017, the band released their long-awaited third-studio album "Interiors", which saw Consequence Of Sound praise the band for their sound "that nobody else has been able to replicate in all the time they've been gone." QUICKSAND is frontman/guitarist Walter Schreifels, bassist Sergio Vega and drummer Alan Cage.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 11:59 am
Guitarist Richie Kotzen appeared on "Side Jams With Bryan Reesman" recently to talk about his new album with IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith as well as his hobbies, one of which is poker. While he's excited about the new SMITH/KOTZEN album, he had to admit he needed to take a break from the road. "I had four continents worth of shows booked because on February 3rd [2020], I released a solo album," said Kotzen. The tour included shows in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South America but was scrapped due to concerns over COVID. "Here's what's ironic, or whatever you want to call it — I didn't miss the road," he admitted. "Not once during this entire 2020 did I say, 'I'd love to get out and do a show.' I think what happened to me is I needed a break. Obviously, we didn't want this kind of chaos. But I'm trying to find a silver lining here. And I think I needed a break from touring. I needed a solid year at home with my property here, to be here with my wife. So now I'm starting to get that feeling again — I want to get out there with Adrian and play some shows with this new music that we made. So we'll see." Something that Kotzen really did miss was playing poker particularly for the social aspect. "The funny thing about poker, about playing cards is I know that I'm never gonna win enough to really change my life," he said. "But I'll definitely lose enough to get pissed off. You know what I mean? It's almost like I'm torturing myself. I like the strategy element, but I love the social thing. There were years where I had a couple of guys that I was friendly with and they'd have games. We'd do one night at my house, one night at another guy's house. I was playing three nights a week for a while. Sometimes I'd win, sometimes I'd lose, so I had to keep an eye on things. I didn't want to get into an expensive habit, but the social element is what I really like. We had games in my house where we'd play and all of a sudden the sun was coming up. It's a fun thing. Now with the pandemic, that'd be the ultimate way to spread COVID. And actually, I remember when this first started, the pandemic, my buddy who I used to play with said: 'I'm going down to play cards down on Melrose.' There was a private game down there somewhere. I said, I don't think I'm gonna go. I don't know enough about this COVID thing. And that doesn't sound great, you guys touching cards and touching money and touching this and that.' I said that sounds like a bad idea. I found out a month later, one of those guys ended up getting COVID. That fucked everything up, basically." Kotzen says he has a reputation as a card player for being unpredictable which reflects his personality. He said that's an asset in card playing. "I'm one of those people where if I took down a big pot and it was on a bluff, I might show my cards once in that particular night," he explained. "So now people will get it in their heads that if I bet big, that I'm full of shit, and so they'll call me. But I'll make sure the next time I act like that on a bet that I'm actually holding, you know, pocket aces. Some people look at me like 'he doesn't have anything,' and then when I win the hand with a full house, aces over, whatever, then they can't predict what I'm going to do. That I guess would be kind of my style." This past March, Kotzen revealed that he and his wife already battled COVID-19 last year and came out of it relatively unscathed. "My wife tested positive, and then I ran out five, six days later and got a test, and I was negative," he told The Metal Voice. "But then, no sooner than I get the test, I got sick with all the same symptoms. So I can only assume that I had it as well. "I've been way sicker in my life, but it's not like that for everybody," he explained. "This thing affects everybody differently, and that's why it's so fucking dangerous. So I think people have gotta be responsible, and now that we know how serious it is — obviously — you've gotta do what you've gotta do to stay safe." SMITH/KOTZEN's nine-track album was recorded on the Turks & Caicos Islands in February 2020. It was produced by Richie and Adrian and mixed by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley. Kotzen's 22nd solo album, "50 For 50", was released via his own custom label, Headroom-Inc. The three-disc collection was just what the title implies: a collection of 50 previously unreleased compositions produced, performed and written by Kotzen in honor of his birthday. It was the follow-up to his critically acclaimed "Salting Earth" album, which came out in April 2017 via Headroom-Inc.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 11:21 am
A DAY TO REMEMBER has taken over the top spot at the Active Rock, rising to No. 1 on this week's Medibase chart. The band's single "Everything We Need", which is featured on A DAY TO REMEMBER's new album "You're Welcome", marks the platinum-selling group's first No. 1 at the format. Co-written by A DAY TO REMEMBER's Jeremy McKinnon with multi-platinum superstar Jon Bellion, Nick Long and Collin "DOC" Brittain, "Everything We Need" is an understated, yet uplifting exhale of emotion. "You're Welcome" is available now on all streaming platforms, with exclusive merch bundles and multiple vinyl variants of the LP available in the band's official store. McKinnon commented on the milestone moment, remarking to fans, "Thank you for all of the support and your role in helping us to get to this point. This is the best we've ever done with any single in our entire career, so thank you for all that you've done to help us get here." Pegged as one of the "Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2021" by Forbes, Consequence Of Sound, Kerrang! and more, "You're Welcome" is largely produced by Brittain and McKinnon. The 14-track collection represents another major step forward for the acclaimed quintet, and is highlighted by singles "Brick Wall", "Degenerates", "Resentment" and "Mindreader". Additional album standouts include "Bloodsucker", which ravages with an infectious intensity, as well as "F.Y.M." which spouts punk energy through an unforgettable chorus. The band shows their versatility and multifaceted songwriting with towering stadium-sized tracks like "Viva La Mexico", while "Everything We Need" closes out the album with a plaintive melody and acoustic eloquence. Having amassed over 1.6 billion global streams to date, A DAY TO REMEMBER is now inciting critical applause with "You're Welcome". Revolver declared, "['Brick Wall'] showcases the group's signature mix of post-hardcore heaviness and pop-rock hooks," while Consequence Of Sound wrote, "the Florida rockers' new LP will continue their wide-ranging sound that ranges from infectious pop-punk to crushing metalcore." Forbes put it simply, "It seems A DAY TO REMEMBER are only just getting started," and Billboard praised the band's "anthemic hybrid of post-hardcore and pop." Popdust avowed A DAY TO REMEMBER "have all but mastered their niche melding of pop melodies with hardcore music," while Kerrang! attested, "'You're Welcome' is the perfect soundtrack to this strange and uncertain world that we live in." Earlier this year, A DAY TO REMEMBER unveiled its first-ever acoustic livestream event, "A Day To Remember: Live at The Audio Compound". After premiering the stream on their official YouTube channel, the band surprised audiences everywhere by releasing the career-spanning nine-song performance as an acoustic live album, "Live At The Audio Compound", which is available now on all DSPs. Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine
Posted: June 23, 2021, 11:01 am
BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler has announced a new career-spanning release, "Manipulations Of The Mind - The Complete Collection". The four-CD box set, which is due on July 30 via BMG, will include his three solo albums — "Plastic Planet", "Black Science" and "Ohmwork" — plus a bonus disc of "rare material," described as a treasure trove of unreleased demos, studio outtakes, single edits and three live tracks captured at the Majestic Theatre, Detroit, Michigan in February 1996, alongside the song "Beach Skeleton", only previously heard on the Japanese edition of "Black Science". An additional standalone collection, "The Very Best Of Geezer Butler", will be made available on the same day. It cherry-picks seventeen choice cuts from the box set by Geezer himself. 1995 saw the release of Geezer's first solo album, "Plastic Planet", followed in 1997 by "Black Science", with "Ohmwork" completing the trilogy in 2005. All three albums are now being made available for the first time ever on vinyl, with both CD and LP using newly updated cover artwork and all will be available via BMG on October 30. "Plastic Planet" was originally released under the name G/Z/R and featured Burton C. Bell of Californian industrial/groove metal pioneers FEAR FACTORY on vocals and is considered a classic of '90s metal. The album perfectly melded Geezer's roots in doomy blues rock to the industrial influenced metal sound that was a key element in pushing the genre forward in the nineties. Alongside Bell for this recording was a long-time collaborator of Geezer's, Peter Howse (nicknamed "Pedro" by Butler, from a character in the TV show "Four Feather Falls"). Howse was a founding member of the GEEZER BUTLER BAND in 1985, and has written and played in all versions of GZR/GEEZER. Drums were handled by Deen Castronovo, providing the pounding rhythms that propel the heavy grooves and mechanical metallic edge on "Plastic Planet". Lyrically, Butler channelled technological, sci-fi and dystopian subjects mixed with the social issues tackled on "Drive Boy, Shooting" and "The Invisible", themes that perfectly matched the then futuristic sounds within. Returning in 1997 with "Black Science" and originally released this time under the name GEEZER, this album saw Butler once again working with drummer Deen Castronovo and guitarist Pedro Howse, and like "Plastic Planet", was produced by Butler and Paul Northfield (RUSH, ALICE COOPER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DREAM THEATER). Bell was unable to provide vocals this time due to commitments with FEAR FACTORY, but his industrial boots were more than adequality filled by the then completely unknown Clark Brown who stepped up to the plate and delivered an impressively powerful vocal performance over the album's high-energy and heavy power grooves. It wouldn't be until 2005 that Geezer would get the chance to continue his solo explorations, having returned to SABBATH for the 1997 edition of Ozzfest, remaining in the band ever since, but in 2005 he released "Ohmwork", this time under the name GZR. Once again, the recording was undertaken with Clark Brown on vocals and Pedro Howse on guitar, the difference this time being that drum duties were handled by Chad E. Smith (the veteran St. Louis drummer, not the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS percussionist of the same name). With "Ohmwork", gone were the industrial metal influences of the previous decade, but Butler still steadfastly refused to hark back to the past and kept everything contemporary, drawing on influences, as a keen follower of music, on everything that was happening in rock at the time. From the pedal to the metal of "Aural Sects" to the epic, neo-psychedelia of "I Believe", "Ohmwork" was a fitting finale to Geezer's solo album trilogy. Speaking about "Plastic Planet", Geezer said: "I was listening to FEAR FACTORY at the time and liked what Burton was doing – heavy vocals but with melodic choruses when required. So, I asked him if he'd be interested in singing on the album, and he agreed. Importantly, he was great to work with, and had a similar sense of humour to Pedro and me. And didn't sound anything like Ozzy [Osbourne] or Ronnie [James] Dio, which was important to me." Of the record's follow-up, "Black Science", Geezer said: "I wasn't looking for plaudits. I doubt that many people got any of the lyrical references, and as before, it was just music I enjoyed making. Again, it was a great fun time, writing about personal things, and doing music I loved making with Pedro and Clark in a relaxed atmosphere, without any pressure. Much fun was had." "Manipulations Of The Mind - The Complete Collection" track listing: CD1 – "Plastic Planet" 01. Catatonic Eclipse 02. Drive Boy, Shooting 03. Giving Up The Ghost 04. Plastic Planet 05. The Invisible 06. Séance Fiction 07. House Of Clouds 08. Detective 27 09. X13 10. Sci-Clone 11. Cycle Of Sixty CD2 - "Black Science" 01. Man In A Suitcase 02. Box Of Six 03. Mysterons 04. Justified 05. Department S 06. Area Code 51 07. Has To Be 08. Number 5 09. Among The Cybermen 10. Unspeakable Elvis 11. Xodiak 12. Northern Wisdom 13. Trinity Road CD3 - "Ohmwork" 01. Misfit 02. Pardon My Depression 03. Prisoner 103 04. I Believe 05. Aural Sects 06. Pseudocide 07. Pull The String 08. Alone 09. Dogs Of Whore 10. Don't You Know CD4 - Bonus 01. Pseudocide (No Intro) 02. Prisoner 103 (Demo) 03. The Invisible (Instrumental) 04. Area Code 51 (Demo) 05. Cycle Of Sixty (Radio Mix) 06. X13 (Radio Mix) 07. Northern Wisdom (Demo) 08. Beach Skeleton (Japanese Version) 09. Pardon My Depression (Alt Take) 10. Misfit (Rough Mix) 11. I Believe (Demo) 12. Four Feathers Fall (Demo) 13. Drive Boy, Shooting (Live) 14. Detective 27 (Live) 15. House Of Clouds (Live) "The Very Best Of Geezer Butler" track listing: 01. Drive Boy, Shooting 02. Man In A Suitcase 03. Misfit 04. The Invisible 05. Box Of Six 06. Pardon My Depression 07. House Of Cards 08. Mysterons 09. Aural Sects 10. Detective 27 11. Number 5 12. I Believe 13. Catatonic Eclipse 14. Among The Cybermen 15. Prisoner 103 16. Plastic Planet 17. Area Code 51

‘Manipulations Of The Mind – The Complete Collection’ assembles the entire solo works of Geezer Butler across 4CDs. Including ‘Plastic Planet’, ‘Black Science’, ‘Ohmwork’ and a bonus CD.

Out on July 30th, pre-order here: — Geezer Butler (@geezerbutler) June 23, 2021
Posted: June 23, 2021, 10:15 am
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and the Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company, in collaboration with the Cleveland Cavaliers, announced three finalists for the "From Garage To Glory" contest and are now inviting the nation to decide the winner. Launched in April 2021, "From Garage To Glory" is a nationwide talent search that will give one aspiring musician or band the chance to perform live on stage at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction fest, $10,000 and more. The submission period of the contest called for musicians to submit an original song and the story behind its inspiration. After receiving song submissions from talented artists across the nation, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and a panel of judges identified the three contest finalists based on artistry, originality and the ability to inspire through music. The Rock Hall and its panel of judges identified SARAH FAITH of Nashville and UPTIGHT SUGAR and RECESS, both from Cleveland, as the three finalists based on artistry, originality and the ability to inspire through music. Now through July 16, fans can listen to the finalists' entries and vote for their favorite on The winning entrant will be announced in mid-August, before performing on stage at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction fest on October 28. "There are amazing and diverse artists across this entire country and it's been a great pleasure to listen to their songs" said Greg Harris, president and CEO, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. "We're incredibly inspired by all of the musicians who entered and look forward to seeing who America votes as the winner. Thanks to Goodyear and the Cleveland Cavaliers for helping us identify tomorrows rising stars!" To learn more about the contest and cast your vote, visit Follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag #fromgaragetoglory.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 9:35 am
SATANIC PLANET has released the official Lola Blanc-directed music video for the song "Devil In Me". The track is taken from the band's self-titled album, which came out on May 28 via Three One G Records. SATANIC PLANET is the creation of Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson), Luke Henshaw (PLANET B, SONIDO DE LA FRONTERA), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER, MISFITS, MR. BUNGLE, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DEAD CROSS) and Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, DEAD CROSS, SWING KIDS, DEAF CLUB). With the birth of SATANIC PLANET, hip-hop producer Henshaw and punk provocateur Pearson joined co-founder and spokesperson of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves — the most prominent and outspoken contemporary Satanist in the world. Greaves has gained international attention as an advocate for religious liberty and the voice of the Satanic Reformation, delivering lectures nationwide and featured in national media outlets, including MSNBC, NPR, Huffington Post Live, CNN, Harper's Monthly, Newsweek, Fox News, Vice, Salon, Rolling Stone and many more. As the trio were diligently working, and nearly completed with, the music for their debut album, the worldwide pandemic hit, seemingly bringing things to a halt. However, with the onset of this new way of living, the newly formed band was in a unique position to enlist the legendary Lombardo, who found himself not touring for the first time in years, and suddenly having more time to work in his home studio on projects that interested him. With the addition of this iconic drummer, SATANIC PLANET was complete. Along the way, an eclectic range of guest appearances arose, including CATTLE DECAPITATION's Travis Ryan, Nomi Abadi, SILENT's Jung Sing, Shiva Honey, Eric Livingston (also known as his artist moniker First Church Of The Void), and HEXA's Carrie Feller. This collaboration embraces the avant garde to create sci-fi sermons that range from doom and industrial to evil exotica. "Satanic Planet" was recorded and produced by Henshaw and Lombardo. It was mixed and mastered by Brent Asbury.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 9:21 am
Mighty Music has announced the signing of E-FORCE, the band led by ex-VOIVOD vocalist/bassist Eric Forrest. The first release under this partnership will be E-FORCE's fifth studio album, "Mindbender", to be released on November 19. Forrest comments: "Very proud to announce the fact that the new E-FORCE 'Mindbender' release will be a collaboration/cooperation with Mighty Music. This shit is going to kill you! Impulsive E-FORCE trademarks, with a side order of VOIVOD! This dosage of mayhem is going to fuck you up! Not to mention, a hidden treasure... 'Insect 2021'! Beware...". E-FORCE was formed in Montreal, Canada in 2001 by Forrest upon his departure from the legendary Canadian cyber metallers VOIVOD. In all, Eric appeared on two VOIVOD studio masterpieces, "Negatron" and "Phobos", on the live album, "Voivod Lives" and on the compilation "Kronik". When leaving VOIVOD, Forrest used his nickname, E-Force, as the name for his new band. Forrest's wide array of musical influences and vocal capabilities set E-FORCE apart from the pack and ensure that this band is very original. E-FORCE released their debut album "Evil Forces" to widespread critical acclaim in 2003. Soon after, Forrest relocated to France, resulting in a lineup change. In 2008, E-FORCE released their follow-up, "Modified Poison". The album further expanded the intensity of the band, impressing both fans and critics alike. In 2014, the band released their third album, "The Curse", on Mausoleum Records. "Curse" was a concept album based on a collection of songs describing the power and temptation of, and obsession with the female race. The fourth album was released in 2015 on Mausoleum Records: "Demonikhol", lyrically another concept album with alcohol as the subject matter, illustrating the ravages and destruction of all kinds it is capable of causing. Musically, E-FORCE has become an intense and shatteringly percussive killing machine, driven by battering ram guitars, supporting Eric's primal screaming vocal assault. In 2017, to celebrate the anniversary of VOIVOD's legendary album "Phobos", Forrest led a European tour performing songs from "Negatron" and "Phobos" albums by VOIVOD. The band assembled for that tour was operating under the name "E-FORCE Performing VOIVOD". In 2018 the tour achieved by participating to the Brutal Assault festival (Czech Republic). Throughout the band's 20-year career (performing in 20 countries, 250+ shows and several festival appearances) as well as some guests on different E-FORCE albums (Glen Drover, Kristian Niemann, to name a few), Eric will now return with the opus "Mindbender", released in 2021 on Mighty Music and involving the "E-FORCE Performing VOIVOD" lineup: Patrick Friedrich on drums and Sébastien Chiffot on guitars. "Mindbender" will still be in the catchy vein characterizing the E-FORCE style, but will also add slower tempos parts and particular ambiences, making the connection with Eric's venture as a cult member of VOIVOD.
Posted: June 23, 2021, 9:08 am
There is no point in obfuscating and building up to it with a meandering preamble: URNE are seriously special, and this is an absolutely monstrous debut album on every conceivable level. Music critics tend not to hurl their temporary secrets into the air with quite that much abandon, but "Serpent & Spirit" is the kind of heavy metal record that will completely restore your faith in the modern era's ability to produce greatness. Crushingly heavy and redolent of all kinds of fantastic things, while always much greater and more compelling than the sum of those parts, URNE's first full-length should feature in a lot of end-of-year lists and, as word spreads, they must surely be destined for big things. No, I'm not crying. You're crying. Blazing majestically away at the heart of this 54-minute revelation is the sound and spirit of the most classic heavy metal imaginable. The opening title track fades in with a glorious wash of twin-lead grandeur, evoking all the obvious proponents of that fine art, but the essence of METALLICA's "…And Justice For All" in particular. As the full band kicks in, it's instantly obvious that URNE have forged a new hybrid here, but without any of the self-consciousness that usually goes with it. As the first full-on metal riff kicks in, this trio sound like an army thundering over some blistered horizon. As the song sprawls on, it's a perfect storm of thrash metal grit, post-metal muscle and progressive flair, with elegant melodic interjections and an ever-mounting sense of brutal power. It's epic, impressive and emotionally supercharged in a way that the vast majority of so-called modern metal generally isn't. A more succinct five-minute assault, "The Palace of Devils and Wolves" is built around an unashamedly straightforward riff, but one delivered with such ferocity that resistance is useless. Again, the song is a carnival of smart ideas, from bendy ALICE IN CHAINS riffs to a gnarly chorus that wouldn't be out of place on an INTEGRITY record, with a final descent to mega-riff heaven that practically guarantees spinal issues for all involved. Two songs in, and "Serpent & Spirit" already feels like one of the albums of the year, but debut records are rarely flawless and cynics might be expecting a downturn. There isn't one. From the opulent, MAIDEN-tinged "Memorial" to the grim, deathly stampede of the closing "A Tomb So Frail", URNE have packed a ridiculous amount into every song, but always retaining a sense of momentum and fluidity. These are brilliantly crafted songs, immaculate prog epics and bruising, bone-powdering onslaughts, all at the same time. Just dive into the punishing monolith of "Desolate Heart": quite possibly the album's creative and emotive peak. With an authority that comes from knowing exactly where their strengths lie, URNE deliver each of the song's numerous dynamic surprises with eerie finesse, with vocalist (and bassist) Joe Nally audibly feeling the music's power flow through him. It's a magical moment, but on an album entirely constructed from them. Audacious. And did I mention the riffs? You may well infer the use of witchcraft during "Serpent & Spirit" because URNE have so many great riffs that even without all the beautiful melodies, swathes of tangible melancholy, deep dives into brutality and wide-eyed, progressive conceits, this record would be a solid contender for debut of the year. With all of that included, it's a decent contender for debut of the decade so far. Again you're crying.
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JOURNEY has shared a snippet of its new single, "The Way We Used To Be". The band's social media pages were updated with a 26-second clip of the song's animated music video, along with a message that the full track would be "coming this Thursday," June 24. "The Way We Used To Be" will be the first song to be made available featuring JOURNEY's current lineup consisting of guitarist Neal Schon, singer Arnel Pineda and keyboardist Jonathan Cain alongside JOURNEY's latest additions, drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden, returning bassist Randy Jackson and keyboardist and singer Jason Derlatka. This past January, Schon told Rolling Stone that he and his JOURNEY bandmates were "deep in" the writing and recording process for their next studio album. "It's coming along, man," the guitarist said. "It's really shaping up. Narada and I have been working nonstop. Jonathan is also working from his houses in Florida and Nashville. Arnel is working from Manila. Randy Jackson is working mostly from L.A. And it's one of those Zoom sessions and it sounds phenomenal. It sounds like we're all playing in the room at the same time. I actually can't wait until we do get together and start putting the show together." Asked how the new JOURNEY members have changed the band's sound, Neal said: "You have to hear it for yourself. It still sounds very much like JOURNEY thanks to the songwriting, my guitar playing, and the vocals. But the rhythm section is definitely a powerhouse. Narada has been known for years, and Randy Jackson is a completely monstrous bass player. Some people may not be aware of his work, but they have credentials that go way, way back. Randy and I have always been pretty in tune, and Narada and I are in tune. And now it's coming together. It's got a new strut to it. "There's nothing we really can't play," he added. "I've got a track I laid down with Narada the other day. I sent it to Arnel and he was freaking out. He said, 'This sounds like brand-new [Jimi] Hendrix or Prince. Please write more of that.' And I was just messing around. It was just a jam we did and it turned out to be monstrous. We're creating. We aren't afraid to go to new places. It's easy to stay safe and write where we have always been. We have a bit of that so we don't lose everyone, but at the same token, this is a new chapter of JOURNEY. I want to go where we have not gone before." The new JOURNEY lineup performed a socially distanced version of "Don't Stop Believin'" for UNICEF USA's virtual event "UNICEF We Won't Stop", which aired in May 2020 on MSNBC. That same month, JOURNEY was supposed to launch a North American tour with THE PRETENDERS, but canceled the trek amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Last fall, Schon told "Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk" about JOURNEY's split with Valory and Smith: "The way things went down was really not that kosher. I mean, what should have happened, rather than them trying to take over at that point, was to call us up and say, 'Hey, let's sit down and talk about this.' Instead, it went a different way. And both myself and Jonathan didn't appreciate it." Over the last four decades, JOURNEY has reigned as one of America's most successful rock bands, producing ten platinum albums, eighteen Top 40 singles, and selling more than 75 million albums worldwide. JOURNEY formed in 1973, the same year it created Nightmare Productions Inc. JOURNEY's most recent LP, "Eclipse", was released in May 2011. The Walmart exclusive debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart at No. 13 — eight spots lower than the band's previous album, 2008's "Revelation" — which also went on to hit No. 1 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart.
Comin Thursday! Got to get Back “The way we used to Be” @nealschon @journeymusicofficial @arnelpineda2007 @jonathancainmusic @randyjackson @officialnarada @jason_derlatka @journeymusicofficial Posted by Journey on Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott has confirmed to "The Jeremy White Podcast" that there are tentative plans for the band to release a 40th-anniversary expanded version of mega-selling album "Hysteria" in 2027. "We did put our foot down and say we're not doing any more 35th- or 37th-anniversary releases," he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "When the old regime [at the record label], for example, were in charge, they put the double deluxe version of 'Hysteria' out on the 19th anniversary. And I'm sorry, but we all just went, 'Can't you just wait one year?' Those are the things that were pissing us off as a band. It's all gone away now. "We don't want anything out till the 40th [anniversary]. There's no value in doing it," he continued. "It's not fair on the fans until we really go through the archives and find stuff [that is worth releasing]. I will say this out loud. Nothing survived from the Jim Steinman sessions," referencing the early "Hysteria" recordings DEF LEPPARD did with the Meat Loaf songwriter, who wanted to make a raw-sounding record that conflicted with the band's interest in creating a bigger, more pristine pop production. "They'll never see the light of day, 'cause there isn't anything. It all got wiped at the time as we recorded the record. But there are rough mixes, there's maybe instrumental versions of certain things. "The sad thing about 'Hysteria' is most of the tapes got lost, so you can't even do a remix, 'cause it was all digital," Elliott revealed. "So a lot of the stuff was never even on tape; it was just on hard drives and run concurrently with tape. Then the things, they got shoved into a corner, eaten by spiders, and then when you plug 'em in, they don't work, or you can't plug 'em in 'cause the machine you plug 'em into doesn't exist anymore. 'Cause the technology was in its very infancy at the time; nowadays, it's easy. All our old stuff, like analog tapes, we've had 'em transferred into Pro Tools and we can do everything with them. But there's a mid-period where we kind of scuppered. But there's definitely stuff there. "So, yeah, we may save most of the 'Hysteria' stuff for a 40th-anniversary box set. But it's like that Bond film 'Never Say Never Again'. We don't say absolutely not because we get talked into things and then we sometimes go, 'Actually, I don't know what we were thinking when we said we wouldn't do it, 'cause we really should.' Things become more valuable the older they get." Essential listening for fans across the board, "Hysteria" indisputably ranks as one of the most decorated and revered rock albums of all time. As the group's second consecutive RIAA Diamond-certified record (10 million sales in the U.S.), it would go on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide and 12 million in the U.S. Moreover, the record staked a spot in the U.S. Top 40 for 96 weeks matched only by "Born In The U.S.A." Rolling Stone touted it on the prestigious "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list, and a poll in Q placed it among the "100 Greatest Albums of All Time". Dominating multiple charts, it captured No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and U.K. album charts, bolstered by immortal Top-5 anthems such as "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Hysteria", "Rocket" and "Armageddon It". "Hysteria" left an indelible mark on rock 'n' roll. Powered by stadium-filling drums, rapturous guitars, and unshakable choruses, the record saw DEF LEPPARD rightfully claim their place among rock's divinities forever. As a result, its influence now reverberates through three generations of artists to follow. It also historically marked their third straight collaboration with producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Regarding what he thinks it was about that album that continues to attract fans today, Collen told "Mutt Lange is a genius. He said we can do an ultimate rock album or we can do a rock version of 'Thriller', where we have seven hit singles. But to do that, you have to put the extra effort in. The attitude when the album came out, a lot of people didn't like it. They thought, oh this is too pop or they didn't understand the crossover because it's a perfect hybrid between rock and pop. If you look at Mutt Lange's track record, his biggest successes are, for example, Shania Twain. He definitely brought country to the masses. He successfully fused rock, pop music with country, and I never thought I'd see the day. I remember being in Japan and hearing Shana Twain when I was going up and down in an elevator. That, for us, like I said, it was the perfect hybrid of pop and rock that was actually acceptable. A lot of rock fans didn't like it at first, but by the end of that year, everyone had the record. You couldn't really escape the whole thing. It was pop music, but done rock. We kicked our ass on it. It was very different from anything that had come before it, actually." Four years ago, DEF LEPPARD celebrated the 30th anniversary of "Hysteria" with the release of "Hysteria (Remastered 2017)". The remastered anniversary edition was released in various formats via Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury/Ume — Super Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Version, 1 CD Vanilla Version, 2-LP Black Vinyl Version, and limited-edition 2-LP Colored Vinyl Version. The reissue boasted B-sides and live tracks, plus the audio for "In The Round In Your Face (Live)" on CD for the first time.
Posted: June 22, 2021, 9:06 pm
THE BLACK CROWES guitarist Rich Robinson spoke to Long Island Weekly about his reunion with his brother Chris for a tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band's classic debut album, 1990's "Shake Your Money Maker". Joining Chris and Rich in the new BLACK CROWES lineup are returning bassist Sven Pipien, who played with the band live from 1997 up until the band's hiatus in 2015, along with Brian Griffin on drums, Joel Robinow on keyboards and Isaiah Mitchell on guitar, plus backup singers Mackenzie Adams and Leslie Grant. Asked what was behind the decision to reform THE BLACK CROWES without founding member/drummer Steve Gorman, who penned 2019's memoir "Hard To Handle: The Life And Death Of The Black Crowes", Rich said: "Steve was one of the incredibly negative and manipulative forces in the band that we really didn't want to deal with. In order to get back, we really had to do this very specific purge where we focus on the two of us and let this be something that will be positive. We can be in charge of our own triggers, but if you have other people around that have an agenda, which a lot of the older people around did, it’s just going to crash and burn. We didn’t look at this as a one-time thing. We want to focus and do it right for ourselves as human beings. For ourselves as brothers. For ourselves as writing and creative partners as well as the other reasons." In a February 2020 interview with Meltdown of Detroit's WRIF radio station, Gorman said that he was not surprised to see Chris and Rich teaming up with new musicians for a tour. "To me, it's been an inevitability for years," Steve said."I think they both made serious efforts to establish themselves in solo careers that could sustain them, that could provide a living, and I guess that neither one of those really worked out. And so they were always gonna need to be THE BLACK CROWES again. And this tour is an indication of the fact that, to them, they always were THE BLACK CROWES. And to me, THE BLACK CROWES was a band. It wasn't about their band; it was our band. It was six people, or it was five people, or it was four people, depending on the year, but it was always a much greater thing than two brothers who wrote the songs. The success of that band had a lot to do with a lot more than just them, is my point. And the thing that was most special about that band, as I said before, was what six people were able to do when we were on the same page." Gorman went on to say that he doesn't necessarily fault the Robinson brothers for wanting to keep THE BLACK CROWES brand alive. "This tour has nothing to do with me — it never did; it never would have," he explained. "THE BLACK CROWES are my past. Now, the music is still around. And if anybody goes to see this tour and decides that they love THE BLACK CROWES now, I think that's fantastic. I'm all for preserving the legacy of the band I was in. I think this tour has nothing to do with that. I think this tour is the two of them needing money. And to that I say — and that's fine. I know what it's like to be concerned about my finances; everybody does. And if you're in your 50s and you can make a living playing music, then, by God, you should be playing music, if that's what you wanna do. So, they're fully within their rights to do it — legally and ethically and morally; whatever. It's fine. It's got nothing to do with me. So, live and let live." THE BLACK CROWES' rescheduled tour will kick off on July 20 and July 21 at Nashville's Ascend Amphitheatre and include 37 dates over a two-month period, concluding on September 25 at Bethel Woods in Bethel, New York. When THE BLACK CROWES announced their split in 2014, Rich issued a statement saying that he loved his brother and respected his talent but that "his present demand that I must give up my equal share of the band and that our drummer for 28 years and original partner, Steve Gorman, relinquish 100 percent of his share … is not something I could agree to." "Shake Your Money Maker" was re-released in multi-formats sets in February through UMe/American Recordings. The album, fueled by singles "Jealous Again", "Twice As Hard", "She Talks To Angels" and a cover of fellow Georgian Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle", has sold over five million copies.

I opted for a slow burn approach

— Steve Gorman (@SGSFOX) June 23, 2021
Posted: June 22, 2021, 8:20 pm
BODY COUNT, the metal band fronted by hip-hop legend, actor and director Ice-T, has announced plans to write and record a new studio album called "Merciless". Earlier today (Tuesday, June 22), BODY COUNT's social media was updated with the following message: "BODYCOUNT NEWS: Even though we have not been able to perform ONE single concert to support the CARNIVORE album because of the Global Pandemic.. We've made the decision to Officially start the NEW BC Album 'MERCILESS' 2021 ...Stay tuned..." The upcoming disc will be the follow-up to "Carnivore", which was released in March 2020 via Century Media. BODY COUNT's second album for Century Media continued the path of its uncompromising and critically acclaimed predecessors, "Bloodlust" and "Manslaugther", in pairing Ice-T's impassioned and socio-critical lyrics with thick guitar riffs and nods to metal and hardcore greats like SLAYER, METALLICA, PANTERA, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Guest musicians include Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE), Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER), Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Riley Gale (POWER TRIP). BODY COUNT was honored with a Grammy in the "Best Metal Performance" category in the pre-telecast ceremony at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, which was held on March 14 in Los Angeles. BODY COUNT was nominated for "Bum-Rush", a track from "Carnivore".
BODYCOUNT NEWS: Even though we have not been able to perform ONE single concert to support the CARNIVORE album because... Posted by Body Count on Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Posted: June 22, 2021, 7:17 pm
Dutch heavy rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION will release a new single, "Shed My Skin", on Friday, June 25. A preview of the track, which is a collaboration with the German metalcore band ANNISOKAY, is available below. "Shed My Skin" will arrive a couple of weeks before WITHIN TEMPTATION's spectacular immersive event, "The Aftermath - A Show In A Virtual Reality", which will combine music with bleeding-edge technology to create an out-of-this-world event like no other. Frontwoman Sharon Den Adel commented: "During the whole pandemic, we weren't keen on doing a livestream. The magic of seeing and hearing a band perform live — combined with the energy of the crowd — is something you cannot simply recreate with a livestream. So, for a long time we were clueless. One thing we knew for sure: we would not compromise on a livestream if we could offer something out of the ordinary, something jaw-dropping, intriguing, spectacular and mythical! Then we found it: a world that we could shape into our wildest fantasies and in which we, as a band, could perform while still maintaining the dynamics and magic of our traditional live show. "We are absolutely thrilled to invite you to 'Within Temptation: The Aftermath - A Show In A Virtual Reality'. A show that takes place in different scenes of a post-apocalyptic world, in which we are witness of the aftermath of destruction of mankind. A world in which it is unknown if anyone or anything of the human race survived. It is a search for answers — about both its becoming as well as its legacy." "The Aftermath" is a show fueled by bleeding-edge technology that enables the band to do a performance that's out of this world — literally! In this one-hour show, WITHIN TEMPTATION will play a variety of newer and older songs in four different worlds, that interact with both the band and the music. Expect guest singers from all over the world to join the band on stage for striking duets in even more striking settings. With this show, WITHIN TEMPTATION builds a bridge between the now and the next time the band will be able to play again. "We are absolutely gutted that the 'Worlds Collide' tour has been pushed back again and we cannot perform live in the same venue as our fans," the band says. "With this digital show, we hope that the fans can still feel our energy, our love for — and above all: our passion for music. Take care and we hope to see you on July 8 or July 9." "The Aftermath - A Show In A Virtual Reality": July 8, 2021, Europe (8 p.m. CEST / 7 p.m. BST). July 9, 2021, Northern and Southern America (8 p.m. ET (UTC-4) / 5 p.m. PT (UTC -7) / 9 p.m. BRT (UTC3) / 7 p.m. CST (UTC -5). Tickets are available for €24,99 (1 person) or €29,99 (2 or more people watching in the same room) at "Shed My Skin" is the third single of the series of WITHIN TEMPTATION's independent releases. The official music video of this song will premiere during "The Aftermath - A Show In A Virtual Reality" on July 8 and July 9, 2021.
Posted: June 22, 2021, 7:04 pm
Seldom has a name change made such a difference. Howard Jones (ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) re-emerged from a five-year hiatus to unveil THE DEVIL YOU KNOW's 2014 debut album "The Beauty of Destruction", and sensible folk rejoiced, not least because one of the few truly great voices of metal's post-millennial surge was back and sounding better than ever. In truth, however, neither that record nor its solid follow-up (2015's "They Bleed Red") seemed to make best use of the Ohio man's talents. Everything finally clicked when the band became LIGHT THE TORCH, seemingly inspired by a shift in musical direction. Gone were the trappings of metalcore and other 21st century metallic fads, replaced by exactly the kind of huge, memorable metal songs to which Jones's voice is so gloriously suited. The redubbed crew's debut, "Revival", was an absolute joy, as guitarist Francesco Artusato's endless supply of catchy but crushing riffs underpinned the former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman's finest vocal performance yet. No wheels were being reinvented, of course, but it was undeniably great to hear Jones soar. Three years on, LIGHT THE TORCH have refined their traditional but oddly timeless sound a little more, and "You Will Be the Death of Me" is even more direct, succinct and designed to stir the soul. More importantly, every last one of these 11 songs wields a hook so huge you could snag Cthulhu with it. Lithe and momentous, opener "More Than Dreaming" slams down the band's super-melodic agenda in a straightforward manner, but it's the grandiose squall of "Let Me Fall Apart" that brashly highlights the big step forward happening here. There's an imperious sheen to the state-of-the-art production that has more in common with WITHIN TEMPTATION or PARADISE LOST than any post-KILLSWITCH fare, and Jones's melodies and impassioned delivery are very much big enough to match their magnificent surroundings. No, you've got something in your eye. "You Will Be the Death of Me" rumbles on relentlessly, giant tunes falling from the heavens and every riff connecting like it should. There are plenty of immediate standouts, from the brooding, low-slung swagger of "End of the World" to the futuristic blitzkrieg of "Living With a Ghost", wherein Jones lets rip with some boss-level screams before a gleaming mini-symphony breaks out in sympathy. But this is an album with no low points, no weak songs or anything resembling a half-baked idea. It's not an exercise in fiendish ingenuity, either, but LIGHT THE TORCH have discovered that what they do best is write colossal, singalong anthems, and Howard Jones has never sounded so well-equipped to smash each one out of the metaphorical arena. It ends with one of the most disarming cover versions imaginable. Readers of a certain age will doubtless recall TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY's "Sign Your Name", and wherever one stands on the pros and cons of the late '80s pop-soul maverick, LIGHT THE TORCH's reading of his song is a magnificent thing and, unexpectedly, genuinely moving. As ever, it's Jones's voice that pins your heart to the wall, and he does that throughout this wonderfully unassuming but ferociously sharp and sincere piece of work.
Posted: June 22, 2021, 6:32 pm


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