8:33pm Shroud Eater “Lord Of The Sword” from Dead endsBuy it!
8:40pm The Ruins Of Beverast “The Restless Mills” from Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite (Ván Records)Buy it!
8:53pm Vita Imana “Quizás No Séa Nadie” from Uluh (Kaiowas)Buy it!
8:57pm Alabama Thunderpussy “Burden” from Constellation (Relapse Records)Buy it!
9:02pm Agalloch “Black Lake Nidstang” from Marrow Of The Spirit (Profound Lore)Buy it!
9:20pm Alcest “Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles” from Les voyages de l’âme (Prophecy Productions)Buy it!
9:30pm Darkthrone “Transilvanian Hunger” (Peaceville Records)Buy it!
9:36pm Opeth “Heir Apparent” from Watershed (Roadrunner Records)Buy it!
9:45pm High On Fire “Rumors of War” from Death Is This Communion (Relapse Records)Buy it!
9:48pm Pallbearer “Devoid Of Redemption” from Sorrow and extinction (Profound Lore)Buy it!
9:56pm Rammstein “Rammstein” from Herzeleid (Universal Music Domestic Rock/Urban)Buy it!

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