HWS 3-17-20

Tonights Heavy Weight Show on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM and streaming at http://kqny919.org tonight 8.30pm pacific and Saturday 11.30 pacific. There’s a theme here on this dark cold evening

Emma Ruth Rundle“Light Song”
Krallice“Dust and Light”
Alcest“Beings of Light”
ANCIIENTS“One Foot In the Light”
A Storm of Light“Tempest”
Summoner “Beyond the Realm of Light”
Neurosis“Suspended In Light”
Pelican“Specks of Light”
Cult of Luna “Light Chaser”
Esben and the Witch “Bathed in Light”
Amorphis“northern lights”
Metallica“Hit the Lights”
Comet Control “Artifical Light”
Monster Magnet“master of light”
Year of no light“Perséphone (Enna)”