Interesting instrumental band from Columbus, OH. Thanks Mike Scheidt for the shout out.

Before the Eyewall cover art

Before the Eyewall is a heavy, psychedelic, instrumental trio formed in 2010 in Columbus, OH by two ex-members of Kenoma- Aaron O’Brien-Eichman (percussion, keys, visual design) and Garrett LoConti (guitars, samples, keys). Both are veterans of the burgeoning DIY music and art scene in central OH and have worked together in various other projects over the last few years.

The band’s creative output… draws from a wide spectrum of musical and artistic influences while forging unique, melodic, cinematic and visceral compositions not necessarily intended for the casual listener.  Utilizing an array of bass players to complete the live presentation (and sometimes performing as a two-piece), BTE has toured the US extensively since they officially began hitting road in September of 2011.

To date, the band has under their collective belt thirty-nine states, scores of cities, and performances that number in the hundreds. Another month-long National/West Coast tour was completed in June of 2013 in support of the debut self-titled full-length record which was independently released on March 14, 2013. The album was recorded over several months in 2012 at Popside Studios in Troy, OH by Brian Whitten and was mastered by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus) at Menegroth the Thousand Caves Studio in NYC.

It is currently available in Compact Disc (limited run of 500) and Digital Download formats. The band also released a now long-sold-out 25-minute demo EP CDR in 2011 entitled “Euxine Currents” which is a single epic track comprised of multiple movements. Subsequently in 2012, a Tour EP CDR was released in 2012 entitled “SKYRISES” (now also sold out) which, as a preview of the forthcoming record, featured an early, non-mastered version of the song “Skyrises” and a live version of “Tome of the Concentric Eye.”

BTE has had the honor and pleasure of sharing the stage with great bands such as: Noothgrush, Pallbearer, A Storm of Light, Mouth of the Architect, Keelhaul, Bereft, Rebreather, Royal Thunder, Generation of Vipers, Lo-Pan, Tombs, Cough, Mose Giganticus, Unearthly Trance, Wolvserpent, among a myriad of others. Plans for the coming months include the proper, fully-realized re-recording of the “Euxine Currents” EP and a yet-to-be-announced split LP that will feature new material. More extensive touring in support of the S/T album and the upcoming releases should be expected throughout 2014 as well!

http://beforetheeyewall.bandcamp.com/ (here you can stream our debut self-titled album in full as well as half of the Euxine Currents Demo EP)



Sorry folks, no show tonight, got backlogged at work after the epic weekend at Fall into Darkness in Portland. Back on the air on Tuesday October 22. Saturday October 19th show at 11pm will be rerun of October 8th show.

October 8, 2013 playlist

Heavy Weight Show with Steve Hill – 2013-10-08 20:30:00 to 22:00:00 and rebroadcast 2013-10-12 23:00-00:30

The Barry Gray Orchestra “Joe 90 (Main Theme)” from No Strings Attached

Red Fang “Wires” from Murder the Mountains

Agalloch “She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, Pt. 1” from Pale Folklore

Neurosis “My Heart For Deliverance” from Honor Found In Decay

The Faceless “Planetary Duality II: A Prophecies Fruition” from Planetary Duality

Type O Negative “White Slavery” from World Coming Down

Red Fang “Prehistoric Dog” from Red Fang

Hull “Fire Vein” from Beyond the Lightless Sky

Subrosa “The Usher” from More Constant Than the Gods

Hammers of Misfortune “17th Street” from 17th Street

Helms Alee “Speed Sk8r” from Weatherhead

Horseback “Oblivion Eaters” from A Plague of Knowing – Singles, Splits and Rarities 2007-2012

The End “The Moth And I” from Elementary

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