Von “iaminhuman”
Phantom Winter “Sundown Pleasures”
Big ‡ Brave“sound”
Saor“Children of the Mist”
Khemmiss “Three Gates”
Forgotten TombTomb “saboteur”
Der Weg einer Freiheit“Zeichen”
Swamp Witch“Emerald Serpent”
@Hell “Helmzmen”

HWS 10-9-18

Tonights Heavy Weight Show on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM and streaming at http://kqny.org tonight 8.30pm pacific and Saturday 11.30 pacific.

~Sea of Disorder~ “Ghost of Yesterday”
FÓRN “Scrying Below the Wolf Moon”
Downfall of Gaia“Beneath the Crown of Cranes”
Cathedral“La Noche del Buque Maldito (Aka Ghost Ship Of Blind Dead)”
Electric Wizard“Dopethrone”
A Minor Forest – Flemish Altruism“Look at That Car It’s Full of Balloons”
GIANT SQUID“Metridium Fields”
Thou “At the Foot of Mt. Driskill”
Thou “Unfortunate Times”


Saturndustt “Rlc”
BATHSHEBAThe Sleepless Gods”
Summonerinto Oblivion”
Saturndust “Negative-Parallel Dimensional”
Summoner “the emptiness”
Elder “The Falling Veil”
BATHSHEBAsheba “Daughter of the Oath”
Elderer “sanctuary”
Tooll “10000 Days”
Tooll “Parabola”
Jesu – Band“silver”

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