Three days and three evenings of music located in the Sierra Nevada’s Tahoe National Forest Desolation Wilderness: September 20–22 2013

Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires will be held at Shinnyboo Creek Resort in the high Sierras, in the heart of Tahoe National Forest’s Desolation Wilderness. This 160 acres of private property is lush with greenery thriving around every bend, with towering pines shading the trails and paths that lead you to the south fork Yuba River rushing over rock formations into gushing waterfalls and tide pools.

Our first announcement regarding the line up for 2013:

Greetings friends! I am very pleased to announce 9 confirmed bands for you today. Please know there are many more to be announced in coming weeks and we are still in the process of filling out the line up. 2013 will be a very exciting year for all of us.

Gracing us with their first appearance in the United States is Wardruna from Norway. We are absolutely honored to host this dynamic group, whose musical imperative is to explore and evoke the depths of Norse wisdom and spirituality. Musically, Wardruna’s main focus is on the cultic musical language found in the near-forgotten arts of galdr, seidr, and the daily acts of the cultic life, mixed with impulses from Norwegian/Nordic folk music and music from other indigenous cultures.

Wardruna’s performance at Stella Natura is an exclusive American engagement.The hugely influential Fire + Icefrom England will be also gracing our outdoor stages in the High Sierra. Their music reflects frontman Ian Read’s keen interest in magic lore, runes, tradition, renaissance medievalism, Nordic mysticism, and other esoteric and occult mysteries.For this exclusive Stella Natura performance, Ian Read will be joined on stage by Matthias Krause, Michael Moynihan, and Annabel Lee.Bringing their unique, virtuosic, and bizarre death metal to the stage will be Australia’s StarGazer, known for having one of the most cult followings in extreme metal. 

The two main members of StarGazer (The Serpent Inquisitor and The Great Righteous Destroyer) are involved with some of Australia’s top underground extreme metal bands, including Mournful Congregation and Cauldron Black Ram, the latter of whom will also perform at the festival.

Pesanta Urfolk will be also presenting both a StarGazer and a Cauldron Black Ram West Coast tour in the weeks surrounding Stella Natura.

With great pleasure I would also like to announce that Loss, Velnias, Kinit Her, Rose Croix, and Common Eider, King Eider will be joining us in Tahoe National Forest.

Stella Natura will be running a fundraising drive in January; this will provide an opportunity to pre-order tickets and secure limited edition prints and pressings. General ticket sales will open in March.

The 2013 Stella Natura poster will be designed by David V. D’Andrea.

The festivities will again take place at Shinneyboo Creek Cabins, and we are very grateful that they have once more opened their doors to us.

Stella Natura is run completely without the help of corporate sponsorship. It is made possible by you. The event is curated solely for artists and their fans. Thank you for supporting this vision.

Our second announcement regarding the line up for 2013:

We’re extremely pleased to announce that UK based Esoteric will be performing in the United States for the very first time at Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires

Other fine folks who will be gracing our stages this year include…

ALDEBARAN Amber Asylum Ionophore Jarboe Munly & The Lupercalians Worm Ouroboros

More exciting announcements to follow shortly!

-Adam Torruella, Curator Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires September 20-22, 2013 Tahoe National Forest – California

Artists that performed in 2012:

Aerial Ruin Aluk Todolo (FR) Arktau Eos (FI) Ash Borer Blood Axis Burial Hex Changes Circulation of Light COTA Fell Voices Funerary Call (CA) Hail
HELL Hooded Archer Ironwood (AU) L’Acephale Lasher Keen Lux Interna Menace Ruine (CA) Mournful Congregation (AU) Novemthree River Pyhä Kuolema (FI) Sabbath Assembly
Sangre de Muerdago (ES) Servile Sect The Sterling Sisters Sutekh Hexen The Lindbergh Baby Tuhkankantajat (FI) Velnias Vradiazei Waldteufel Will O’ The Wisp Wolvserpent

Recorded this at Grand Sierra resort in Reno April 2012


I’m gonna git this.


Last but not least is an enormous new release from Relapse Records and WINDHAND!   Their new double LP is entitled ‘”Soma”, and it includes 5 different options of heavyweight 180g colored vinyl!   That combined with the reverse-board gatefold jacket w/ Spot UV printing make this one BEAST of a double-LP!    Awesome.

BAND:  Windhand LABEL:  Relapse Records BAND WEBSITE: www.relapse.com

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