Von “iaminhuman”
Phantom Winter “Sundown Pleasures”
Big ‡ Brave“sound”
Saor“Children of the Mist”
Khemmiss “Three Gates”
Forgotten TombTomb “saboteur”
Der Weg einer Freiheit“Zeichen”
Swamp Witch“Emerald Serpent”
@Hell “Helmzmen”

HWS 10-9-18

Tonights Heavy Weight Show on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM and streaming at http://kqny.org tonight 8.30pm pacific and Saturday 11.30 pacific.

~Sea of Disorder~ “Ghost of Yesterday”
FÓRN “Scrying Below the Wolf Moon”
Downfall of Gaia“Beneath the Crown of Cranes”
Cathedral“La Noche del Buque Maldito (Aka Ghost Ship Of Blind Dead)”
Electric Wizard“Dopethrone”
A Minor Forest – Flemish Altruism“Look at That Car It’s Full of Balloons”
GIANT SQUID“Metridium Fields”
Thou “At the Foot of Mt. Driskill”
Thou “Unfortunate Times”