HWS 10-31-17 lineup

Heavy Weight Show on this Halloween night live from KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM

My Dying Bride “Like a Perpetual Funeral”
Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath”
Type O Negative“Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All)”
Iron Maiden“Fear of the dark”
Metallica “Creeping Death”
Opeth“I Feel the Dark”
Ghost“Death Knell”
Windhand “Two Urns”
Electric Wizard“Weird Tales / Electric Frost / Golgotha / Altar of Melektaus”
Sunn O))) “It Took the Night to Believe”
Cathedral“The Casket Chasers”


ULTHA “The Night Took Her Right Before My Eyes”
Year of the Cobra “Vision of Three”
King Buffalo “orion”
AbbathI “eternal”
INVERLOCHThe Menin Road”
My Dying Bride “Hail Odysseus”
smallman “Dreaming Piece”
Oathbreaker “Being Able to Feel Nothing (Audiotree Live ersion)”
Year of no light “Perséphone (Coré)”
Obscure Sphinx “nothing left”

HWS lineup 10-24-17

Heavy Weight Show back on the air tonight after a 2 week hiatus for travel. Show at 8.30pm Pacific on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM or streaming at http://kqny.org. Rebroadcast Saturday night at 11pm

Thou“free will”
HULL“Fire Vein”
Amenra“Children of the Eye”
Parallax“V.I.C. (Souffle De Vie Soundtrack)”
BotanistThe Shape of He to Come”
Neurosis“We All Rage in Gold”
Usnea“A Crown of Desolation”
Opeth “deliverance”

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