all bands appeared at Pyscho LV August 17 – 20, 2017
Morne “Nothing to Remain”
Minsk “Three Moons”
Summoner “The Huntress”
Abbath “To War!”
Pigeonwing “Child’s play”
Year of the Cobra “Electric Warrior”
Merlin “War Bringer”
YOB “Prepare the Ground”
Myrkur “Nattens Barn”
Saturndust “Rlc”
Subrosa “No Safe Harbor”

HWS 8-29-17 lineup

Tonight’s Heavy Weight Show broadcasting live from Quincy, CA on KQNY Quincy 91.9FM and streaming at Http://

40 Watt Sun “restless”
Helms Alee “Slow Beef”
Thou “Ode to Physical Pain”
Your Highness “Prey of the Pulpit”
Alaric “angel”
Batushka “Yekteniya IV”
Buried At Sea “[Untitled III]”
MIAVA “Do it for my cactus and the rest of nature”
The Great Old Ones “In Screams and Flames”
Helms Alee “Pleasure Center”
Downfall Of Gaia “Giving Their Heir to the Masses”
Goatess “King One”


Heavy Weight Show on KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA KQNY website


Obscure Sphinx “Sepulchre”
Wolves in the Throne Room “Cleansing”
Triptykon “Boleskine House”
Oathbreaker “Needles in Your Skin (Audiotree Live Version)”
Usnea “Random Cosmic Violence”
Ultha “AthameBane Emanations”
Obscure Sphinx “Memories of Falling Down”
Ortega “Void”
Monolord “The Obscure Silence”
Summoner “the emptiness”
(Waning) “Transdimensional Incursion”

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