Pelican “Final Breath”
40 Watt Sun “Between Times”
Der Weg einer Freiheit “Zeichen”
Destroy Judas “wake”
Aequorea “Burial at Sea”
Conan “Throne of Fire”
Obscure Sphinx “At the Mouth of the Sounding Sea”
Subrosa “Black Majesty”

HWS 6-13-17 show lineup

Heavy Weight Show – KQNY 91.9FM, Quincy, CA tonight’s lineup

Esoteric “Non Being”
Ultha “Fear Lights the Path (Close to Our Hearts)”
Enslaved “Forsaken”
Triptykon “Aurorae”
Fates Warning “Kneel and Obey”
Venom “Black Metal”
YOB “The Great Cessation”
In Flames “A new dawn”


Heavy Weight Show – KQNY 91.9FM, Quincy, CA

Conan “Hawk as Weapon”
Conan “Battle in the Swamp”
Tau Cross “fire In the Sky”
Apocalyptica “The unforgiven”
Myrkur “Mordet”
Morne “Nothing to Remain”
Cambrian Explosion “Crust of Theia”
Tool “Parabola”
Locrian “An Index of Air”
Electric Wizard “Funeralopolis”
The Great Tyrant “The Trouble with Being Born”
Chaos Echoes “black mantra”
Amorphis “northern lights”
Wolvennest “Unreal (feat. Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand)”

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