HWS on Mixcloud 1-31-17

Hull “Fire Vein”
Mastodon “Hearts Alive”
Mastodon “oblivion”
The Great Old Ones “Mare Infinitum”
(Waning) “ossuary”
Slomatics “Rat Chariot”
Megatherium “Retrosky”
The Great Old Ones “The Shadow over Innsmouth”
(Waning) “the onliest ones”
Pilgrim “Away from here”

HWS 2-28-17 lineup

Heavy Weight Show 2-28-17 broadcast live at 8:30pm Pacific on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM and streaming at http://www.kqny919.org/streaming.html

Pallbearer “Foreigner”
Enslaved “Forsaken”
Behemoth “lucifer”
cardinal Wyrm “soul devouring fog”
Minsk “To the Initiate”
Cult of Luna “Vague Illusions”
Subrosa “Black Majesty”
MIAVA “silencer”


The Lineup

Alabama Thunderpussy “burden”
Indian “Disambiguation”
Gojira “the fall”
The Bottle Doom Lazy Band “Howlin’ Bottle Doom”
Ides of Gemini “Valediction”
Skepticism “the road”
Worm Ouroboros “winter”
Kauan “Khot”
Aequorea “Burial at Sea”
(Waning) “Spectre”
(Waning) “Lanterns”
Rush “The Necromancer”

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