Heavy Weight Show KQNY 11-22-16 show

YOB “Aeons”
Winterfylleth “The Threnody of Triumph”
Triptykon “Black Snow”
Thou “At the Foot of Mt. Driskill”
Intronaut “Core Relations”
Ides of Gemini “The Chalice & the Blade”
Helms Alee “Slow Beef”
Esoteric “Non Being”
Esben & The Witch “No Dog”
Demon Lung “Mark of Jubilee

HWS 11-29-16 show on KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA

here’s the lineup for HWS 11-29-16 on KQNY Quincy, CA 91.9FM

Between The Buried And Me “White Walls”
The Sword “Apocryphon”
Cloakroom “Big World”
Neurosis “bridges”
Deafheaven “Gifts for the Earth”
Mantar “Schwanenstein”
Cough “The Wounding Hours”
Ides of Gemini “The Adversary”
Conan “Thunderhoof”
Darkher “Wars”
Cult of Luna “Vague Illusions”


Heavy Weight Show KQNY 11-1-16 show

Myrkur “Mordet”
Graves at Sea “Betting On Black”
Minsk “To the Garish Remembrance of Failure”
Tau Cross “fire In the Sky”
Black Tusk “God’s on Vacation”
Boris “farewell”
Inter Arma “Transfiguration”
Nothing “A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)”
Inverloch “Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)”
Slomatics “Black Blizzard”
Neurosis “bridges”
Mantar “Cross the Cross”

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