Heavy Weight Show at KQNY 91.9FM http://kqny919.org

Amenra “.Aorte. Nous Sommes Du Mèmes Sang.”
Inter Arma “The Paradise Gallows”
Inter Arma “The Summer Drones”
Immortal “Antarctica”
The Great Old Ones “Antarctica”
Kauan “Orkidea”
Conan “Revengeance”
Subrosa “Wound of The Warden”
Opeth “deliverance”
Oxcross “Seventh son”
Mount Salem “hysteria”


Heavy Weight Show at KQNY 91.9FM http://kqny919.org

Apocalyptica “One”
Blood Ceremony “Hymn to Pan”
Botanist “To Amass an Army (Mandragora III)”
Cathedral “Death of an Anarchist”
FADING CIRCLES “Unconceivable Attraction”
YOB “Adrift In the Ocean”
MIAVA “Change the world drinking coffee”
Monolord “We Will Burn”
Thou “free will”
VHÖL “Lightless Sun”
Triptykon “Boleskine House”
Gojira “Explosia”
Pentagram “Be Forewarned”

Heavy Weight Show 7-19-16 show on KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA here’s the playlist

Heavy Weight show 7-19-16 KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA

Triptykon “waiting”
Tool “10000 Days”
Korn “Thoughtless”
Nine Inch Nails “Mr. Self Destruct”
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth “i am”
Eryn Non Dae. “The Great Downfall”
Pallbearer “Watcher In the Dark”
Thou “At the Foot of Mt. Driskill”
Triptykon “Black Snow”
Saturnalia Temple “fall”

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