HWS lineup 3-29-16

Heavy Weight Show uploaded “Heavy Weight Show KQNY 3-29-16 show 91.9FM Quincy, CA

Buried At Sea “[Untitled III]”
Dead To A Dying World “The Hunt Eternal”
Kauan “Äidin laulu”
Conan “Revengeance”
New Keepers Of The Water Tower “The Calydonian Hunt”
Pelican “Deny the Absolute”
King Woman “wrong”
Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Toccata”
Focus “eruption”


Anathema “The beginning and the end”
Enslaved “Waruun”
Cathedral “Death of an Anarchist”
Hull “Beyond The Lightless Sky”
Electric Wizard “I, the Witchfinder”
Alabama Thunderpussy “burden”
Darkthrone “Transylvanian Hunger”
Cognition “The Indifference of Good Men”
Dozer “Blood Undone”
Ironweed “The Lucky Ones”
Meshuggah “beneath”
Cult of Luna “dim”
Myrkur “Nattens Barn”


Winterfylleth “Whisper of the Elements”
Kauan “Aamu Ja Kaste”
Mono “Death in Reverse”
The Ocean “The Quiet Observer”
Intronaut “Miasma”
Immortal “one by one”
Solstafir “Fjara”
Pallbearer “Watcher In the Dark”
Shroud Eater “The Star and the Serpent”
Esben & The Witch “Press Heavenwards!”
Wovenhand “Good Shepherd”
Helms Alee “Slow Beef”
Red Fang “wires”

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