Witch Mountain “Can’t Settle”

Pallbearer “Foreigner”

The End “The Moth and I”

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band “Howlin’ Bottle Doom”

Winterfylleth “The Threnody of Triumph”

Vita Imana “Uluh”

Cult Of Occult “Perfect love”

YOB “Quantum Mystic”

New Keepers Of The Water Tower “The Great Leveller”

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band “Muddy Love Blues (feat. Fearann)”

HWS 1-20-15 lineup

Heavy Weight Show tonight 8:30pm Pacific rebroadcast Saturday at 11:30pm Pacific KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA. Streaming at http://kqny919.org/

Neurosis “My Heart for Deliverance”
Agalloch “Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation”
Hammers of Misfortune “17th Street”
Karma to Burn “Forty-Six”
Elder “release”
Elder “Spires Burn”
Oxcross “Infinite Loop”
Sleep “Jerusalem (Pt. 1)”
Wo Fat “Bayou Juju”
Botanist “Sophora Tetraptera”
Helms Alee “Fetus. Carcass.”
Helms Alee “Dodge the Lightning”

HWS 1-13-15 show on mixcloud

Stream at your leisure

Heavy Weight Show 1-13-15 by Heavy Weight Show on Mixcloud

00:00 The Barry Gray Orchestra “Joe 90 (Main Theme)”

00:02:00 Slugdge “The Sound of Mucus”

00:07:22 Opeth “Eternal Rains Will Come”

00:14:00 Morbus Chron “Beyond Life’s Sealed Abode”

00:19:42 Lowrider “Ode to IO”

00:26:58 Triptykon “Boleskine House”

00:34:10 Gojira “Planned Obsolescence”

00:40:49 Eryn Non Dae. “The Great Downfall”

00:52:50 Downfall Of Gaia “Odium”

00:60:09 cardinal Wyrm “Cult of the Coiled Spine”

00:68:55 Black Sabbath “Back Street Kids”

00:73:00 Nasheim “Att av ödets trådar väva sorg”

00:84:00 YOB “Doom #2”

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