Hellfest 20140

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Hellfest was amazing…..old timers Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Status Quo all did solid sets. The Valley stage was where we camped out most with selected bands at all other stages, SubRosa Witch Mountain, Acid King,Clutch, Downfall of Gaia, ROYAL THUNDERKYLESA, Electric Wizard, Lowrider, House of broken Promises, NileSÓLSTAFIR were all outstanding. there were many more. Unforgettable festival.2014-06-20 22.18.29 2014-06-21 14.19.09 2014-06-21 16.09.05 2014-06-22 21.56.48


Yeah! ! — at Bar Deluxe June 5th, 2014


Helms Alee were a powerhouse at Bar Deluxe last night. Even Hozi broken snare drum was replaced rapidly so the show could go on

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