Showtime tonight streaming at http://amber.streamguys.com:5190/live.m3u
Live at KQNY 91.9FM Quincy, CA Here’s the lineup, if you cant make the show check my show page for the youtube vids https://www.facebook.com/heavyweightshow

Heavy Weight Show 20:30:00 to 22:00:00 pacific

Subrosa “No Safe Harbor” from More Constant Than the Gods
Solstafir “Stormfari” from Svartir Sandar
Paradise Lost “Over the Madness” from PARADISE LOST
Clutch “Passive Restraints” from Impetus – EP
Horseback “Oblivion Eaters” from A Plague of Knowing – Singles, Splits and Rarities 2007-2012
Cathedral “La Noche del Buque Maldito (Ghost Ship of Blind Dead)” from The Guessing Game
Goatess “Alpha OMega” from Goatess
Klone “Monster (Bonus Track)” from Black Days
YOB “Prepare the Ground” from Atma
Neurosis “We All Rage In Gold” from Honor Found In Decay
Neurosis “From The Hill” from A Sun That Never Sets
Gojira “Explosia” from L’enfant sauvage
The Faceless “Planetary Duality II (A Prophecies Fruition)” from Planetary Duality

here’s the lineup for the show tonight 8:30pm pacific and rebroadcast Saturday 11:00pm pacific, tune in at http://KQNY919.org/ for streaming or KQNY 91.9FM in Quincy CA on yer FM dial.

Deafheaven “DREAM HOUSE” from Sunbather
Botanist “To A…mass an Army (Mandragora III)” from IV: Mandragora
Elder “Knot” from Dead Roots Stirring
Saturnalia Temple “FALL” from Aion of Drakon
Tombs “Black Heaven” from Path of Totality
Toner Low “Phase Six” from III
Slayer “Seasons In the Abyss” from Seasons In the Abyss
Subrosa “Ghosts of a Dead Empire” from More Constant Than the Gods
The End “The Moth And I” from Elementary Podcasts | British Council
Alcest “Summer’s Glory” from Les voyages de l’âme


Heavy Weight Show  2014-01-14 20:30:00 to 22:00:00 and rebroadcast 2014-1-19 23:00 to 00:30

Tonight show mixes up some bands we haven’t played before with some old favorites

Corrections House “Party Leg and Three Fingers” from Last City Zero

Mercyful Fate “NIGHTMARE” from Don’t Break the Oath

Agalloch “In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion” from The Mantle

Mastodon “Quintessence” from Crack the Skye

Neurosis “Locust Star” from Through Silver In Blood

Samothrace “Awkward Hearts” from Life’s Trade

The Sword “Apocryphon” from Apocryphon

Pallbearer “FOREIGNER” from Sorrow and extinction

FADING CIRCLES “Burden to My Soul” from Cyber Whirlwind

Enslaved “Forsaken” from RIITIIR

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